“Behind every great attorney is a good private investigator”. The relationship is built on trust, honesty and complete confidentiality. As you already know, in order to be a great attorney, you have to be adept at representing your clients, filing the necessary motions in courts for them and constantly negotiating their issues. However, as time is something of a commodity, you cannot spend it also conducting in-depth investigative background checks, surveillance, locating witnesses, conducting field interviews, finding assets for judgments, investigating fraud and all things that ...

As our insurance clients can attest, Ranno Investigative Services conducts all insurance claims investigations with the utmost professionalism. Our investigators obtain the necessary evidence for our clients to determine the true injuries the claimant has sustained or whether or not they are fraudulent. As our Insurance clients realize, Worker's Compensation Claimants sometimes exaggerate, or fraudulently file, their claims in order to collect higher benefits. Many times, the claimants report a legitimate injury at their workplace, however, upon healing and being able to physically return to work, they continue to exaggerate their …

Ranno Investigative Services is your resource for Background Investigations including, Criminal Records, Credit Reports, Tenant Screening Services, Employment Background Checks, CT Driving Records, Business Credit Reports and much more. We offer something most Investigative Agencies do not. Ranno Investigative Services offers an experienced and licensed Private Detective to help you navigate through ...

Have All the Information You Need Right at Your Fingertips

Hire a private investigator in Middletown to find out what’s really going on

Is something happening right under your nose and you want all the pertinent documents? Instead of making yourself sick with worry, call the professional Ranno Investigative Services in Middletown for full investigative services.

With more than 20 years of experience uncovering useful information for Connecticut residents, our P.I. has the skills needed to find out what’s happening in your life.

Choose from a variety of services to fit your needs and budget

Nobody likes being left in the dark. Bring some light to your situation by relying on our professional investigator. Ranno Investigative Services offers three different services so you can have what you need most, instead of paying for services you won’t benefit from.

Depending on your budget, Ranno Investigative Services in Middletown can:
1. Rent GPS tracking devices
2. Follow your spouse and draft a full report
3. Provide both surveillance and tracking services

Whether you’re paying alimony payments to your former partner and you want those reduced because someone else is living with them or you want to find out if your spouse is cheating, you’ll find reliable services at Ranno Investigative Services.
Instead of worrying if you’re being kept in the dark, hire our private investigator for knowledgeable and skilled services. Our professional in Middletown works hard to uncover any useful information to either ease your worries or confirm your suspicions.

Get detailed reports on even your smallest need

Regardless of the size of your case, Ranno Investigative Services will provide an accurate and comprehensive report that outlines our findings. Using surveillance, GPS tracking devices and investigative skills, our professional will be able to find out what’s going on and whether your suspicions are correct.

At Ranno Investigative Services in Middletown, we take pride in offering superior services and unmatched customer care. If you’re tired of pulling your hair out in frustration because you’re being kept in the dark, hire the private investigator by calling 860-347-7200 or 800-572-8806.

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