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This blog contains stories that Ranno Investigative Services has worked in the past. All names and identities have been changes to protect the confidentiality of all clients.

Coolest Job in the World…

  When I first had the realization about wanting to become a private investigator, I had no idea how to go about it. I knew that the field I was currently in was not something that I was going to be happy with for my life career but what could I do. I called around […]

Using A Plane To Conduct An Aerial Surveillance……

It was one of the hottest days in the month of August.  One of our claims management clients contacted Ranno Investigative Services and requested our help in an urgent matter. They were being sued for a large dollar amount claim from a man who was involved in a motorcycle accident with their client. They hired […]

A Day At The Races….

 An investigation came in from one of our various insurance clients regarding an auto liability investigation that was suspected to be fraudulent. According to our client, the man who was collecting Workers Compensation payments weekly, could never be reached on Friday nights or on weekends and they wanted to know why…. We began conducting a […]

Sometimes Cases Get Dangerous…

The one time I had to pull out my gun because of an investigation… It was in 2009. I still had my office in the south end of Hartford. I was called by a potential client who thought that his wife, a school bus driver, was having an affair. He believed that his wife was […]

Fallen Angel…

Twenty-four years as a Private Detective is a long time. Over time, you begin to think that you have seen it all, and maybe I have, but some things just stand out more than others. Often, I work with clients that are married. They seem to be part of a good home, have a family […]

It’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it…

An undercover investigation that put two in jail… It was early in my apprenticeship. I was only a PI for a year or two and was still green around the collar. I worked for a surveillance outfit in Connecticut and was used to conducting two person surveillance assignments for insurance fraud. Workers Compensation mostly. One […]

Don’t Make Me Do Yoga Please…

Ranno Investigative Services received a liability investigation from an insurance company where a woman had been involved in an automobile accident and was suing our client, the other driver in the accident. The insurance company believed that the case was fraudulent because the female claimant stated that she could no longer work at her job, […]

Ashes to Ashes….

A true case story from Ranno Investigative Services – Connecticut Private Investigators – Meeting with clients from the general public, Domestic Clients, as we call it in the industry, can always be emotional. For investigators, we work on our investigations following the requests of our clients, the laws and using contacts to established the requested […]

Not Above The Law….

A true case story from Ranno Investigative Services – Connecticut Private Investigators It was during a time in our company when we were at a peak with clients, having signed almost all of the insurance companies that did business in Connecticut, having fifteen full time Private Investigators on the road, twenty Executive Protection Bodyguards employed […]

Valentine’s Day Massacre….

A local surgeon contacted my office and was concerned that his wife may have been cheating on him. Having spent an outrageous time at his hospital, as one could understand, he knew that never being home was unfair to his spouse but since he was already a surgeon when they met, he thought she understood. […]