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Law Firms

Serving Hartford County, Middlesex County & Fairfield County.

"Behind every great attorney is a quality private investigator" Most cases won by attorneys are assisted by the evidence uncovered or collected by the investigators assigned to the case file.

As a law firm, an attorney and their team win large and substantial cases with the skills of your hired staff. However, some cases require extra work that you are unable to handle.

That is where we come in. Ranno Investigative Services has been providing investigative and intelligence services to the legal community since 2001. With more than 23 total years of experience our agency can provide investigation and litigation support services to all attorneys, law firms and their clients across Connecticut as well as beyond.

As a Connecticut Private Investigation agency. Our services range from simple locate investigations
to complex investigations involving accusations of workplace harassment and more. Below are some
of the additional services our agency offers:

- Criminal Defense Investigations
- Personal Injury Investigation
- Victim & Witness Background Investigations
- Cohabitation Investigations
- Witness Interview / Statemnets
- Pre-Trial Intelligence

- Asset Investigations
- Martial Investigations
- Child Custody Investigations
- Witness Locate Investigations
- Scene Photography / Diagrams
- Civil Defense / Surveillance

Our team possesses a strong commitment to the needs of our clients and we don't stop working until you have the evidence you need. As seasoned Connecticut private investigators, we understand the precision and accuracy required, and we are able to provide this down to the last detail of your legal matter.

At Ranno Investigative Services, we have a passion for success. Our investigative services cover a wide range of needs for legal professionals and have a proven record of accomplishment. Contact Ranno Investigative Services today. Detective Raymond C. Ranno will meet with you, at your choice of location, to discuss how are agency can help you and your firm.