Is your ex living with someone? If so, it could change your alimony math. Under current Connecticut law, alimony payers may try to modify payments if the recipient is cohabiting, but proving it is a nearly impossible standard. Hire Detective Ranno as your cohabitation private investigator in Middletown and New Britain, CT. If there is proof the couple has been cohabiting for at least 90 days, the attorney handling your file will...

As a child custody private investigator, Detective Ranno is in the position to maintain focus on your objectives without loosing sight of what is important to the investigation. Because Ranno Investigative Services has investigators all across the state of Connecticut, our company can offer all of the necessary services for the situation at hand. Our investigators are fully versed in child custody and family laws. This is especially helpful in matters involving child abduction by a parent who has left the state. Child custody investigations require...

Ranno Investigative Services is your resource for Background Investigations including, Criminal Records, Credit Reports, Tenant Screening Services, Employment Background Checks, CT Driving Records, Business Credit Reports and much more. We offer something most Investigative Agencies do not. Ranno Investigative Services offers an experienced and licensed Private Detective to help you navigate through ...


Here are a few tips to ensure you hire the right one...

Serving Hartford County, Middlesex County & Fairfield County

Now that you've made the decision to hire a private investigator there are a few things you should be aware of in order to make sure you've chosen the right one.

1. Ask for verification that the investigator has a valid investigative license. Most states do not allow investigators to work without a valid license. In Connecticut the State Police regulates all Private Investigator licenses.

You can validate any license, including ours (License # A-2089) by calling 860-685-8290.

2. Ask if a "licensed" Private Investigator or an "apprenticing" investigator will be working on your case. If you get an apprentice, they may lack the experience to get the results you need.

Investigator Ranno, 23 years of experience, is the licensed investigator at Ranno Investigative Services which means you will have a licensed investigator on your case, every time.

3. Is the Private Investigator registered with any associations in their state? This shows you that they are actively involved in their industry and are professional.

Ranno Investigative Services is part of the C.A.L.P.I. association. Connecticut Association of Licensed Private Investigators.

4. Every investigation should be conducted with an investigation contract which protects you as a client. It should outline what services are requested and what results are expected.

We ensure our clients have a clear understanding of what services we can provide for them and what results they can expect.