AOE / COE Investigations

Arising out of employment / course of employment investigations are the most critical investigation an employer or insured could be faced with. The investigation should commence as soon as possible so that witnesses, evidence, statements and the claimant’s account can be properly documented.

Many topics and subjects must be investigated surrounding the claim and subject areas explored for proper documentation of the claim:

  • Assignment
  • Investigation Summary
  • Claimant Information
  • Claimant Statement
  • Occupation and Duties
  • Date, Time and Location of Alleged Injuries
  • Claimant’s Allegations
  • Notice of Alleged Injuries
  • Medical Treatment
  • Hospital Information
  • Prior Medical History
  • Concurrent Employment
  • Other Sources of Income
  • Businesses
  • Prior Employment History
  • Claimant’s Activities and Hobbies
  • Claimant’s Attorney Information
  • Employer Information
  • Supervisor Statement
  • Witness Statements
  • Photographs
  • Benefits Applied or Received, Coverage
  • Subrogation/Apportionment
  • Pending Investigation & Recommendations

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