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Background Investigations

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There are many levels of background checks and are performed for both business and personal reasons. From a federal job applicant at the state department to a local property owner looking to make sure that a potential tenant will pay their rent, the level of the information that you need will determine the cost of the background check. Below are some of the reasons Ranno Investigative Services conducts background investigations:

Business background checks are most often performed when:
Hiring New Employees
Managing Rental Properties
Conducting Business With Other Companies
Investing in a Business Venture
Attempting to Collect a Debt

Personal background checks are most often performed when:
Qualifying a Potential Tenant
Verifying the History of a Person You're Dating or Engaged To
Attempting to Verify a Positive ID


The first goal of any background check is to obtain a positive identification of the subject in question. The important preliminary information needed includes full name, date of birth, social security number and a current or past address.

Date of birth is a very important identifier and necessary to search criminal records. Current and past addresses are also good identifiers, because to conduct a thorough criminal records search, you must ascertain subject's state(s) of residence.

When dealing with female subjects, remember to learn if the individual is married or single, and ask for all last names used, both past and present. This can be an important factor when checking general and criminal record files.

Public records are generally indexed by name alone, or by name and date of birth.

Proprietary database records are often indexed by social security number.

Other useful information needed to begin an investigation can include names of relatives, driver's license number and phone numbers. A few pertinent questions to be asked if initially interviewing the subject include, "Where are you from?", "Where did you go to school?", and "When is your birthday?"

It is not beyond reason to ask for a photocopy of the subject's driver's license to accompany an application.


Once having gathered as much information on a subject as possible, confirmation of the information is critical. An Address History Search will reveal past addresses and others living at, or who have lived at, the same address. This can also reveal aliases used, plus "also known as" (AKA) information or variations of names used. If none of the data returned match the information provided by or about your subject, this should raise the proverbial red flag. Much information can be gleaned from simple data such as lists of relatives, roommates and associates. Further red flags should be raised if the address search reveals present or past residents of the same age but with different last names - not including the subject's. Likewise, if the same last name appears, but with different first names, further investigation is clearly required.

Information possibly returned from an Address History Report includes:
Address History with Phone Numbers
Age or Date of Birth
Alias or Maiden Names
Possible Neighbors
Possible Relatives and Roommates living at the same address
Dates of Residence

Once all of the necessary information is obtained a full background investigation can be conducted. Below are some of the background investigations that can be conducted on an individual or business:

National or Statewide Criminal History Search
-Municipal Criminal Records
-County Criminal Records
-Statewide Criminal Courts - (MOST States))
-Statewide Criminal Check for Felonies, Misdemeanors & Sex Offenses
-State Department of Corrections - (47 of 50 states)
-National Arrest & Court Warrants
-National Department of Corrections
-OFAC Patriot Act Search
-FBI Most Wanted
-FBI Most Wanted Terrorists
-Interpol Most Wanted
-Sex Offender Records

Comprehensive Address History Search including:
- Address History with Phone Numbers
- Age or Date of Birth
- Alias or Maiden Names
- Possible Neighbors
- Possible Relatives and Roommates living at the same address
- Dates of Residence
- Credit History Report
- Residence History Verification
- Employment History Verification
- Divorce Records Search
- Judicial Law Suit History