Beware of Spring Fever and Cheating...

Every year,  from mid April to early May, there seems to be an unusual mist in the air that causes a strange response in some people, especially those already prone to have a weak will power. For centuries, many writers have documented this phenomenon depicting the season's psychological and sexual responses that cause many men and women, in the northern hemisphere especially, to experience rapid increases in their moods and energy which is completely the opposite to the lows felt during the winter months.

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What exactly is Spring Fever?

For the most part, spring fever refers to an onset of psychological and physiological symptoms associated with the arrival of spring. Symptoms usually include an increased heart rate, flushed face, daydreaming, restlessness and an increase in sexual appetite and even though "spring fever" is not an actual medical term, in our business, (Private Investigating), we do notice a very large uptick in clients calling suspecting their spouse or significant others of possibly cheating or committing infidelity.

Even scientists have determined that during the spring fever time frame, hormones are most likely the driving force behind all the suspected cheaters' actions. Now, even though that may seem like common sense, there are reasons that this occurs:

Longer and Hotter Sunlight - As the spring season approaches, the days start getting longer and the sun begins to get hotter every day. When the sun gets hotter the layers of clothing begin to shed, showing parts of bodies that have not been exposed since the start of fall. That reaction instantly gets the blood flowing for most people and causes some to rush into spring panic,  the belief that they are able to hook up with or test their pick up skills on others that they normally wouldn't even think of during the winter months.

Summer is Coming!! - With the start of spring, comes the knowledge that summer is not far behind. People begin to buy new clothing and rush to the nearest gym to get that body into shape for the beach season. The mindset that they are working their bodies, combined with the endorphins that are being created with the extra time they are working out, give some the belief again that they are God's gift and begin to test their newly re-devloped looks / skills.

Although there are many more reasons that spring fever causes an increase in cheating spouses, it has been noted and documented in our industry that the calls begin to increase regarding infidelity as soon as the spring fever season hits.  As we say in the industry, "When the skirts get

shorter, the phones start ringing."

If you suspect your spouse of significant other may be cheating or if you see some of the signs of cheating, contact Ranno Investigative Services today. We can help. From our Rented GPS Trackers to our Surveillance services, we can determine one way or another if your spouse is actually cheating. Let's us free your mind of suspicion today!