Over the past couple of decades, individuals and families have come to rely more on in-home health care and companion services for their family’s health care needs. With insurance policies covering less and less of hospital stays and the increased percentage of elderly persons needing to live in nursing homes, coupled with the high cost of residency at those locations, the consequence has become the emergence of a new type of occupational field – in home companion service. With that increase came an increase in insurance and contract fraud.

The hiring and training of in home companion workers is becoming more and more prevalent. However, during the time spent within the residence—and once these workers become familiar with the families—either the contracted employees or the families that are under contract with the agencies decide it would be better for one or both parties to hire that employee directly and pay them less and under the table. In turn, the agency that hired the in-home companion employer loses out on the cost of training for that employee, the turnover of that employee’s position and the contract with the family.

That is where Ranno Investigative Services can help. Our investigators receive—from you, the in-home companion agency—a list of persons formerly employed by you and the families in whose homes they were working. Our private investigators then investigate those residences, using an investigative approach and covert video camera equipment to determine if that former employee is now working with one of the families that have canceled their contract with your agency.

Ranno Investigative Services has had great success with companies / agencies just like yours in catching those contract violators and helping your agency recuperate some of the lost funds from the contract with the family and former employee.

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