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As an attorney winning your case is detriment to helping your client obtain the necessary funds to pay for their incurred medical bills, lost wages, suffering and compensation for the pain and discomfort they may have to endure many years into the future.

Documenting and obtaining evidence that may assist you in that victory does not come easy. That is where Ranno Investigative Services can help.

Detective Ranno, with over 23 years of experience in personal injury investigations can provide you with the necessary photographs, affidavits, statements and information that can help you organize your file with enough evidence to prove your case.

Detective Ranno has, over the years, had the ability to speak with witnesses, either friendly or not, and persuade them to be interviewed to find out the truth about what actually happened. Many times, Detective Ranno, after reviewing the police department accident or incident reports, is able to determine information that was incorrect or inconsistent that, once uncovered and cooperated with a statement from a witness or involved party, can change the direction of your case, allowing you to win in court or obtain that necessary settlement to help your clients.

Below are some of the investigations that Detective Ranno can conduct that will assist you in the winning of your cases:

- Client interviews to determine exact details of auto accident or incident
- Labeled photographs of auto accident or incident scenes
- Location investigation of witnesses or other involved parties
- On-site inspections in search of security camera systems / additional witnesses
- In-depth witness interviews focusing on reports and inconsistencies
- Detailed witness statements or notarized affidavits (Spanish or English)
- Video surveillance of defendants or property owners (Proving continued negligence)
- Accident or incident scene diagramming
- FOIA requests presented to all agencies to obtain histories of complaints / claims

Ranno Investigative Services has been working with Personal Injury Attorneys for many years and have assisted in recovering millions of dollars in settlements and judgements for our clients.

Let Ranno Investigative Services help you win your cases too.

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